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Sheet Metal Fabrication

Our prior experience has included the fabrication of the following:

Sheet Metal Chassis, Brackets, Copper Bus Bars, Copper Cooling Coils,  Front Panels, Custom Rack Mount Parts, Covers, Lids and Interconnect panels.

Your needs require the highest quality in custom precision sheet metal products. Our fortes include prototype, pre-production, and production run quantities that meet your exacting dimensions and finishes.  Bresson Associates supplies your part, to your print, at a competitive price, on time, the first time,

Our sheet metal fabrications are very diverse. Below is a partial listing:

  • Chassis and Covers Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Front Panel
  • Connector Mounting Bracket
  • Rack Mount Chassis 19’ & 23’
  • Cover Assembly
  • Support Brackets
  • Fan Cover
  • Rack Mount Brackets
  • Face Plate
  • Copper Coils
  • PC Board Cover
  • PC Board Brackets
  • Copper Bus Bars
  • Power Supply Brackets
  • Metal Shelf Assembly
  • Cable Mounting Arm
  • Switch Brackets
  • Interface Panel
  • Power Strip Brackets
  • Light Covers